Article by: webmaster | Thursday, May 24, 2012

Today I want to talk about something really serious.  I have had so many, so many women; so many working moms come up to me lately telling me how overwhelmed they are.  Where they feel like every decision they are making is wrong and how they can’t get it all done.  So I thought sharing with you today, my 2, 2, 2 Rule would be really really helpful, very useful and something you can put into action today.  And basically this is what I do.  When I am faced with a decision and it seems like, “oh, gosh there is no right decision.” I ask myself this question, I say, “What is the effect of this decision going to be, 2 weeks from today, 2 months from today and 2 years from today.”  Okay?  So let me give you a really great example, because you know, I think everything is easier to disgust when you have a real life example.

A few years ago, my career was kind of at a panicle point.  I was really breaking out and becoming someone who people thought of as an authority, as an expert, within the business marketing niche.  I was at Early to Rise still and at that time, I was invited to speak at this spectacular event.  Speak in front of people like, T. Harv Eker, Jack Handfield and Richard Branson.  And I thought, of course, of course I’ll do this, I’ll do this any day of the week.  And I went home and talked to my husband about it and we agreed that that would happen.  And then the next day I realized that is was my kids first day of school.  At the time, my two kids were a lot younger…of course; you guys know I have 3 now….and they were a lot younger.  Conner was going into 1st grade as a matter of fact, and gosh, he is finishing 5th grade this year, so this was a few years ago.  And they were going into a new school by the way, so this is a new school.  I thought to myself…hmmm, you know this is a great opportunity to speak in front of this crowd, but it is their first day and you know, we had just moved into a new home in Boca Raton, Florida, and they were going to a brand new school, so I used my 2, 2, 2, 2 Rule.  And I think, everybody thought, that I would absolutely go speak in front of this great crowd.  And I really thought about it, I thought, okay, in two weeks from today, will the people at the event remember that I was there?  And the answer is, yes, they probably would.  In two months from that day, will the people at that event, remember that I was there and remember what I spoke about?  And I came up with the fact that some of them would, but most of them probably wouldn’t.  And then I thought, in two years from that event, are people going to remember, what I spoke about at that event and I came up with, no, I’m sure they will not.

Then, I did the opposite, I said, “in two weeks from that day on the first day of school with Conner at his new school, going into first grade, will he remember that I wasn’t there I didn’t bring him to school and my answer was, yes, he’ll remember.”  In two months from that day, is he going to remember?  Yes, he’s going to remember.  In two years from that day, will he remember?  And my answer was, yes.

And you know, to the surprise of everybody, I did not go to that event.  I did send someone from my office to that event to make sure that we got contact information so I could follow up with people.  And granted I didn’t speak in front of them, but they all knew why I didn’t come and that I sent somebody responsible and that we were represented.  And the funny part is, I have so many contacts from that initial meeting and just, gosh, just about seven months later, I actually had a meeting with Richard Branson and everything worked out fine.  And I will tell you to this day, Conner talks about that first day often, because I almost backed into a car that actually turned out to be his teacher.   And so we still joke about that to this day.

And so, there are definitely things that I don’t make, you know, at my kids school, you know, at their sports, because of my business, but I always weigh them.  When you take my 2, 2, 2 Rule and you ask yourself those questions, 99% of the time, you are going to come out with the right answer.  So please, if something is weighing on your mind, I would like you to try that today.

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