Article by: webmaster | Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Okay, today’s entry is kind of fun.  I don’t know about you, but my family really loves to watch American Idol.  It’s something we all watch together and from the beginning of the season we kind of vote on who we think the winner is going to be.  A few weeks ago something happened that was surprising to a couple people that I know and certainly my husband who really thought this one girl was going to win.

So if you are watching it at all, there is a young lady on American Idol named Jessica Sanchez and she has a beautiful voice, there is no debating that.  She actually was voted off and the judges were shocked so they saved her, they used the save and said “America, you got it wrong” and my husband was kind of like, “America you got it wrong.”  And I, who, of course, can’t deny she has a beautiful voice, but she never resonated with me and she didn’t connect.

I never really thought she connected with the audience.  This is the number one rule that I talk about all of the time with marketing.  It doesn’t matter what you think of a product, it’s whether it resonates with your audience, right?  So we, create products all of the time as business owners and as marketers, that we think are going to be great, but it doesn’t matter what we think it only matters what your market place thinks.  If they are not interested, then it is not worth putting it out there.  So it kind of goes back to the American Idol thing, where yeah, she has a great voice and yeah, there are great products out there, but if they are not connecting to the market place, then she is not going to sell any records, your products aren’t going to sell.

So I just thought this was a great analogy that it doesn’t matter what you think, it only matters what the market thinks.  Please keep that in mind all of the time.

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