Article by: webmaster | Monday, April 30, 2012

Today I want to talk about something, really, really, serious.  There have been a couple of incidences that have gotten publicity, and I think for the wrong reasons.  Remember that gentleman Tommy Jordan; he destroyed his daughter’s laptop, he shot it with a gun, a forty-five and then he posted the whole thing on Facebook?  And then there was the mom Denise Abbott, who used Facebook to discipline her daughter, because she thought she was being disrespectful.

You know, I am so outraged that both of these parents would take these actions.  Tommy Jordan, let’s talk about that first. You know, basically what he is saying is that, if you don’t like what is being said, you can take a gun and fix it.  So, okay, so if your dog is barking too loudly and that annoys you, you can take a gun and shoot it?  I mean it really is sending a very violent message out there.

And then, of course, with Denise Abbott…embarrassing her child in public, which is what both of these parents did.  I mean, first of all, it goes against everything we are trying to teach our children.  You know, we are trying to teach our kids to be compassionate and respectful and those acts had neither one of those characteristics in them.  You know, as parents, we need to lead by example.  Not, think that embarrassing our kids is the best form of punishment.  I mean, as parents, if we can’t think of more creative compassionate ways to teach our children, we are in for a lot of trouble. I would love to hear your opinion about this.  I think this is really strong and that I’m going to have to do a separate essay within Working Moms Only, but I wanted to get these ideas out there first and the more opinions I have on it, the more I can put into the essay, so please let me know what you think. Thanks.

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