Article by: MaryEllen | Monday, April 23, 2012

By MaryEllen Tribby

Last week, I attended my first Vistage meeting.

Vistage is the largest CEO organization in the world.

As a member, we have monthly meetings, access to webinars and member’s website, special monthly one-on-ones with a Vistage Chair, as well as an annual outing.

In order to be in the particular group I am in, your company must have annual revenues of at least 10 million dollars.

But, here is the really extraordinary part.

Unlike most masterminds and conferences I have attended, there is equal emphasis on your health and your personal life, as there is on your business.

You see, most of the folks in my group (including myself) exceed that 10 million dollar mark. In doing so, we have all come to one common realization. You cannot succeed in business when you are in failing health or in personal distress.

I share this with you today because many of us did not always know this. Many of us were in the exact same spot that you may be in yourself; struggling to get back your health, or stressed in your personal life. And, we did the same thing you have done. We joined communities to help us improve our lives.

I am thankful that you have chosen Working Moms Only as your support community. And, today we ask you help us help you.

In order for me and the rest of the Working Moms Only team to provide real value to your lives – we need to get to know you. We need to ask you a lot of “Whys”.

So, please help us do the best possible job providing you with the support and information you want – and need – to improve your life. And, take 37 seconds to answer a few questions at the link below.

You will be glad you did.

Oh and one more thing – I will be sharing my experiences with you from Vistage as the next few weeks go on. So, keep reading. It should prove to be quite extraordinary!