Article by: MaryEllen | Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Even though it was written early last century, “Think and Grow Rich” still to this day is one of the best self-development books around. An inspirational and motivational manuscript, “Think and Grow Rich” has the ability to transform the way one thinks and replace a negative, defeating mindset with a positive, success-driven, healthy mindset that is guaranteed to change your life for the better.

After two decades of researching, interviewing and analyzing the thoughts and actions of more than five hundred very successful people, Napoleon Hill published his book in 1937. It became a timeless masterpiece, which comprises principles that are as true now as they were back when the book was written. It is based on the beliefs of successful people and it presents the role of personal beliefs in achieving success and the philosophy of personal achievement on every level. In fact, even today, this book is consistently recommended by successful business people and has been the inspiration for many success stories.

The author, Hill, organizes the information in a thirteen step plan that will eventually lead to success. The information is well structured and organized. However, the reader cannot help but notice the passion and emotion transmitted through Hill’s writing.

The book is thought provoking to say the least. Although often focusing on monetary success, the tested and proven principles and techniques presented in the book are universal and can be applied to every aspect of life and can reach any desired outcome. The author himself states that success and power is not necessarily about money, but is rather about quality of life and the achievement of goals. He even mentions Mahatma Gandhi as the most powerful man of his time.

You might find the language Hill uses in “Think and Grow Rich” to be a little formal, however, the essence of the book are its stories and examples and these encourage you to read further.

Although its title may suggest that there is a mystic power behind our thoughts, the book is centered on the idea that “what the mind can conceive, and believe, can achieve” – that in order to succeed, you must have the right attitude. If the right ideas are not your head, the right actions will follow.

This is the book for the person who is looking for guidance. Hill describes and bases his principles on the Law of Attraction (which recently became a popular topic once again in books such as “The Secret”). With this in hand, it can help you find the will, passion and character that will lead to success and can help you to create a clear definite plan in order to get there.

Remember that “Think and Grow Rich” is not a novel and reading it as such would not be effective. You should pause after each chapter to take the time to think about the message and the principles and the ways in which you can apply them to your life. The positive spirit of the book is contagious and gets you away from negative and defeatist thinking.  It is a book that you have to read open-heartedly and with a drop of self-criticism. It is not designed to achieve overnight success, but you can feel yourself thinking positively almost instantly.

If you can read the book, rather than listen to the audio-book, do that, as you can reread it and highlight sections that you wish to review later.

If you want to read a highly motivational, thoroughly researched book that inspired a mountain of other self-improvement books, a manuscript that gives you positive self-talk and visualization tools, as well as methods of self-evaluation and ageless life lessons, then you have  to get your hands on “Think and Grow Rich”. It has the rare potential to change your life.