Article by: MaryEllen | Thursday, February 16, 2012

By Jeff Vacek and Ken Preuss

Most people don’t realize it but there’s a ‘silent revolution’ happening all over the world.

It began a little more than a decade ago and by all accounts is still in its infancy.  This underground movement is allowing average, every-day people just like you to transform their financial lives within a matter of weeks and months rather than years.  Sound far-fetched?

To be specific, this movement allowed a broke and laid-off IT professional to completely replace his corporate income within 3 short months.  This same movement also allowed a former school music teacher to generate exactly $12,370.80 in his first 59 days – which quadrupled his previous teaching salary.  This movement has allowed countless honest and hard-working folks to finally create the life and income they desire while doing something they are passionate about.

Oh, by the way.  The former IT professional mentioned above?  That’s me, Jeff Vacek.  The former school music teacher?  That’s me, Ken Preuss.  We’re both normal, every-day guys with wives and families who have literally transformed our lives through the new online frontier:

Information Marketing

Before going any further we need to clarify something.

The selling of information is hardly a new concept.  Newspapers and books have obviously been around for decades upon decades.  Informational CD’s and DVD’s are widely available on all kinds of topics.  And anyone who has stayed up watching television past midnight knows that infomercials aren’t going away any time soon.

But… have you noticed how things are changing? Old models are disappearing and new models are stepping in to replace them. Business visionary Seth Godin talks about this a lot.  Outdated institutional advertising models are literally dying and getting replaced by a new set of behaviors centered around one core medium: the Internet.

Think about something.  Back in the year 2000, if you wanted to find, let’s say, a local auto repair shop to get your car fixed… where would you have gone to look for that?  Most likely you would have opened up your local phone book or the yellow pages.

However, these days that behavior has been almost entirely replaced by an incredibly powerful combination:

1) The Internet – Aggregated statistics tell us that over 71% of people now begin their search for information on any given subject online (this percentage is increasing every single month)

2) Referrals – Due to far more consumer choices existing in the marketplace than at any time in history, personal referrals now hold more weight than EVER before

You see, the revolution that’s taking place is based on this powerful combination of the Internet and Referrals.  Once you understand the simplicity of how to combine these two elements properly, you can create a hugely successful business for yourself in record time and generate more income and free time than you ever thought possible using the most powerful business model in existence:  Information Marketing.

“Jeff and Ken, what exactly IS Information Marketing?”

If you find yourself asking this question, that’s a good thing because it shows how young our industry is – thus creating even more opportunity for you.

Before we explain what Information Marketing is, we should first tell you what it is not.

Information marketing…

•     Is NOT selling cruddy e-books and reports that bring zero value to the marketplace
•     Is NOT creating in infomercial-type pitch and selling it to anyone with a pulse and a
credit card
•     Is NOT throwing together a half-baked course or training program and expecting it to
sell like hot cakes

Chances are good you may have experienced at least one of the above scenarios as a customer.  We can assure you that what you experienced was not Information Marketing.  Or at least not the way the most successful marketers in the world do it.

When done correctly using the principles practiced exclusively by 6 and 7 figure marketers (the exact principles we teach our students) Information Marketing…

•    Allows you to choose a topic and a customer you’re truly passionate about serving in some way
•    Allows you to get in front of a specific segment of that customer group (very important) that is already spending hundreds and possibly thousands of dollars per year on Information relating to their specific want or need
•    Allows you to quickly and easily create high-quality Information that these specific customers already want (NO guesswork)
•    Allows you to effectively tap into already-existing Internet traffic streams to find these specific customers (who already have money in hand)
•    Allows you to do ALL of the above while creating a business you’re proud of and a huge financial legacy that lasts

Information Marketing represents an opportunity for you to not only begin generating a substantial short-term income within a matter of weeks, it also represents how you will finally create the consistent and long-term financial freedom you’ve been seeking.

The Hidden  Income Stream

A specific example of the power of Information Marketing:

Back in the summer of 2004, I (Ken) literally found my financial back against a wall.  I had made a bold choice to quit my job as a school teacher for one main reason: I wanted to spend more time with my family.  Even though I had summers free as a teacher, my income was limited, I had amassed a lot of debt and refused to allow life to dictate my future for me.The Hidden Income Stream

So I quit teaching and immediately started two businesses: a real estate investing business and another business that brought theatrical presentations into local schools teaching students about various topics.

The problem: both of these businesses were not consistent at all.  The real estate business was great when deals were closing regularly, yet horrible when they weren’t.  The school presentation business was solid during the school year, but dead during the summers.

If you’ve tried your hand at entrepreneurship, maybe you can relate to this phenomenon of roller-coaster revenue that plagues the vast majority of small business owners.

The bottom line for me in June 2004 was if I couldn’t make something happen fast, my bank account would literally be empty within 60 days.  What I needed at that time was something specific we now teach known as speed-to-market.  I needed financial results, and I needed them pronto.

The one positive thing I possessed was the ability to accurately observe what was happening on the Internet.  Specifically, I observed many marketers selling various kinds of information to real estate investors – a perfect market for me based on my passion and skills.

Best of all I could see these successful marketers were making 6 and 7 figures selling information that actually helped people.   Fortunately for me, I had the nerve to believe I could do the exact same thing: turn my passion for real estate into big profits.

Using a specific set of proprietary techniques we now teach to people all over the world, I was able to quickly amass a very small list of followers: 91 people to be exact.  (By most standards this is a ridiculously small list – almost laughably small)  The truth is that once I created this list of followers, I had absolutely no idea what to do with it.  I simply modeled what I saw the top marketers doing and had complete faith in myself.  After all, my family’s ability to eat was at stake.

The result?   Exactly 59 days after starting with Information Marketing, I transacted exactly $12,370.80 directly into my bank account.  To be clear, I accomplished this entirely from scratch with no previous Internet experience and almost zero technical skills.

The best part?  I (Ken) have not only been able to replicate that success every month since, my results have grown exponentially as online technology gets cheaper and easier to use.

Our point in sharing all this with you:

When you uncover your passion and commitment for a specific type of customer audience and combine it with the power of the Internet to easily reach those customers and provide them with exactly what they’ve been wanting, an additional 6-figure income isn’t just probable… it’s predictable.

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