Article by: MaryEllen | Wednesday, September 8, 2010

By Mikaela Tribby

What I would do with a piece of available land is provide shelter for people that need it. I would provide shelter for people who need it because there are people in the world that are homeless and helpless .

Also in the shelters, I would also make sure that they have beds to sleep in, food for them to eat and a roof over their heads. I would do this because I know how fortunate  I am and how less fortunate they are.

People deserve to be able to be confortable in a house and have food to eat. If I were homeless, I would want someone to help me to. I could also provide clothes for them to wear,shoes,and for girls hairties.I would also provi de a toothbrush and toothpaste for everyone there.I would also make sure that everyone had healthcare available to them in case someone gets sick.

So don’t make fun if you see homeless people roaming around because if that were you, you would not like people laughing at you.

So be nice and care for everyone you see even if you don’t know them. So you should  realize how fortunate you are and try to help the less fortunate…..